1:03 pm.

Today was the last day of school (half day), and my blog’s one-year birthday, so the snails came out this morning ot celebrate with us! Isn’t that sweet?





Thank you so much, everyone who has been a part of making this blog of mine a lovely thing (to me, anyway).

I had an ice cream cone when I came home from school.

No more school!

Once I have fully recovered from Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus class, I will make a large Pascal’s Triangle. By the way, I passed my trig exam! Yay me! And, I passed all my other classes’ exams with flying colours. I was only really worried about trig, but I passed, so hooray.

These thoughts are becoming increasingly disorganised, so I think I better leave it at the. Love you guys.

Asylum Photos

6:10 pm.

On Monday, we went to the Old State Hospital. This is one of my favourite things about Traverse City; it’s an old mental asylum, established in 1885 under the premise of “beauty is therapy”. It was shut down in 1989, and fell into a state of disrepair until recently; a few of the buildings have been restored already, and more have been bought, with the intentions to restore them and preserve the history. You can read more about the place here.

While I was there on Monday evening, I took over 300 photos. I have since sorted through and edited them, and I was able to narrow it down to twenty-three favourites. And, here they are:


























(note: all photos of the insides of the buildings were taken through broken windows. No trespassing occurred 🙂 )




The End.

1:08 pm.

It’s coming. We have only eleven (!) days of school left. Yesterday, we got our yearbooks, always the true sign that the school year is drawing a close. Yesterday was also the seniors’ last day of school (they always get out a couple weeks before the rest of us). It’s odd; the last class between my sister and her graduation from high school is now gone. Crazy!

Our lilacs are in bloom, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The trees are all green with leaves. However, it’s unseasonably cold; yesterday, it was in the 50s! Today it’s in the 60s, but still, usually we are in the 70s at least. (These are degrees in Fahrenheit; I’ve just realised that you guys may not have gotten that, most of you being European, and America being one of the only countries not in Celsius.)

So, what else is new? My orchestra concerts went well (both of them), and so did the AP World History exam.

Oh, and I have a couple photos:





I don’t Know which marble photo I prefer. Let me know what you guys think (if you have any opinion on the matter). 🙂

So Yeah.

6:56 pm.

Hello all. Sorry for my sparse posts; you see, the AP exam for my AP World History class is in a week from today, and my Honors English class research paper is just getting into full swing, not to mention that May is the Month of An Event Every Other Night. So, I’ve not had much time left on my hands to to fun things, like read and blog and pet my cats (that last one was a joke).

In any case, I took this photo this morning before heading off to school. I Rather Like it.IMG_3390-001

Nature Shots

1:14 pm.

I was sitting on the swing in my backyard, reading a book I checked out from the library yesterday, and I realised it was a great day for taking photographs. So, here are the best ones:

IMG_3316-001 IMG_3320-002









Tell me which one(s) you like best! 🙂

Kooky Week…Hm…”Kooky”…

2:42 pm.

This week for me had been, as aforementioned, Kooky.

Monday was a normal-schedule school day. Tuesday, though, was the ACT testing for the juniors, so the rest of us were scheduled to waste our time doing pointless things. Fortunately, due to a combination of a sore throat and an understanding mother, I was able to stay home.

Wednesday, I had to go to school. This is because it was the day the sophomores (me) were to take the PLAN test, which is the pre-ACT. It wasn’t anything too strenuous; after all, we’ve been taking pre-ACT tests since middle school. So, I took the test in the morning, ate lunch, sat in a room doing absolutely nothing for an hour, and then my mother came to pick me up because of my…er…sore throat. 🙂

Thursday, though, my throat was very sore, my voice sounded terrible, and I was not feeling well at all. So, I stayed home. It was a nice time, just being at home with my mother.

And today’s Friday….my throat is still sore, but I came to school because it was a normal-school-schedule again. WE ate pancakes in my third class. That was lovely.

Oh! Here’s some photography of mine…nothing new, but I feel as though thi post requires more than a run-down of my on-and-off week.




To be revisited.


Front of the refridgerator.





Have a lovely weekend, all!