Those Promised Cat Photos

11:02 am.

Well, I did promise you guys some cat photos, and what I have for you today are of Noodle:


About this one…Yeah, that’s Noodle on the side table in the family room, next to a toy Mini Cooper with a heart-shaped toy pupcake on top of it.


This one was from a while ago, but I wanted to share with you Noodle’s trademark lounge position.

So, there you are!

Evolution of Mini

5:57 pm.


I heart them. They are so cute and they look like my cat Noodle. Plus also, they have their own website. Well, it’s the car’s website. But there are lots of fun features on the website, including Build-Your-Own MC–you customize everything! Also, there is this really cool feature:

It’s basically the Evolution of the Mini Cooper. It’s cool. You should see it!