Also, Prom (but not mine)

8:40 pm.

So, my sister is off to her Junior Prom…(seriously, how is she already seventeen??), and I took photos of her. Here’s one:



And, here’s what I’m wearing on Prom Night:


IMG_3633Yeah! Look at me, all dolled up to…stay at home and do nothing. I’m a sophomore….what can I say? 🙂


Kooky Week…Hm…”Kooky”…

2:42 pm.

This week for me had been, as aforementioned, Kooky.

Monday was a normal-schedule school day. Tuesday, though, was the ACT testing for the juniors, so the rest of us were scheduled to waste our time doing pointless things. Fortunately, due to a combination of a sore throat and an understanding mother, I was able to stay home.

Wednesday, I had to go to school. This is because it was the day the sophomores (me) were to take the PLAN test, which is the pre-ACT. It wasn’t anything too strenuous; after all, we’ve been taking pre-ACT tests since middle school. So, I took the test in the morning, ate lunch, sat in a room doing absolutely nothing for an hour, and then my mother came to pick me up because of my…er…sore throat. 🙂

Thursday, though, my throat was very sore, my voice sounded terrible, and I was not feeling well at all. So, I stayed home. It was a nice time, just being at home with my mother.

And today’s Friday….my throat is still sore, but I came to school because it was a normal-school-schedule again. WE ate pancakes in my third class. That was lovely.

Oh! Here’s some photography of mine…nothing new, but I feel as though thi post requires more than a run-down of my on-and-off week.




To be revisited.


Front of the refridgerator.





Have a lovely weekend, all!

What Did I Do Today?

8:32 pm.

Ah, another snow day today! That’s the eighth one this trimester…which is practically unheard of!

So, you may ask, what did I do on my day off? Well…


A batch of chocolate chip cookies made this morning, nearly half gone already.


Rainbow-painted fingernails.




I got a little crazy with the fake tatoos…


And, let’s not forget the one next to my belly button! 🙂


Hope you guys had a good day…I did!

Does This Make Me Look Like A Hipster?

9:58 am.

So, today is Holiday Sweater day for Spirit week at my school. Naturally, I own zero holiday sweaters, so I asked myself the ages-old question: What will I wear?

Here’s what I came up with:


This outfit makes me feel like a hipster. 😀

The sweater is my mom’s great-uncle’s from the ’50s, and the scarf, my mom got at a market in France in the ’80s.