I’m Still Here!!

4:10 pm.

I am so sorry, everyone! I’ve been away for so long…it’s been three weeks! Augh!

Why was I gone?

Well, I had a week of second trimester final exam testing, then the first week of the third trimester, then a week and a half of spring break…I’ve been a busy(ish) bean.

What did I do over spring break, you may ask? Well…

1.) I went to the public library for the first time in about three hundred years. (Really. It’s been a long time.)

2.) I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part II in the historic theatre downtown. It was so great! (Only thing: Harry was supposed to fix his phoenix feather wand with the Elder Wand, then put the Elder Wand in the Headmaster’s office. Not break it and throw it in the ravine! Hel-LO!)  (<–see that? That was a rant. 🙂 )

3.) I travelled downstate to Grand Rapids, where we spent time with my grandparents. We went to an antique mall, where I bought these guys:


I got this SuperCool pen holder. It has pennies in it! REal, live 1979 pennies! Ten of them! How rad is that?


Here it is again, because it’s so great!


This book was published in 1879! It’s in great shape, plus it was only 2.5$–how could I resist?


Another spoon for my collection!



And, I got this beast of an insulator! Really, it’s huge, and weighs…well…a lot!


4.) I went to see the big Titanic exhibit in the Grand Rapids museum! I apologise for lack of pictures of it–there was no photography allowed. Nevertheless, I loved it! I don’t know if any of you know about it, but it is a big exhibit with a ton of real artifacts. There were rooms set up; there was even a faux iceberg! It was cold and wet like the real thing!

Also, every visitor receives a “Boarding Pass” at the beginning of the exhibit, with an actual person on it, who was on the Titanic. At the end, there is a memorial wall, where you can look to see if the person on your ticket lived or died…how thrilling! MY person was Mrs. Peter Joseph (Catherine Rizk). She survived, along with her two children and her friend! Which is pretty cool, considering 68 percent of the people aboard perished. Including the person my grandfather got–his person was Isodor Strauss, who was the owner of Macy’s (the store).

So yeah, I had a great time…I even bought a t-shirt!


Also during break, I did a reading binge–I read ten whole books! I was at it voraciously, as I hadn’t had the time to read a book since November! Which, by the way, is very out of character for me; I usually read all the time; however, with all my reading for AP World History class, I haven’t had much of an appetite (or time!) for reading recently.

I don’t know if I’ve actually mentioned this here on my blog, but I am on a Penny Project right now. It’s really rather an ongoing effort. I work my way up to 1000 pennies, and then use the Bean Counter (as my mom and I refer to it…really, it’s the put-your-change-in-and-then-redeem-your-money machine thingy) at the bank for ten dollars. I last did that on the third of January this year. Right now, though, I already have 586 pennies in my “Pennies On1y!” Jar. I am more than half-way! Whoo hoo!

You know what else I’m halfway through? My current journal. It’s volume three; I’ve been journalling since New Year’s Eve, 2010. I’m pretty proud of myself: volume II took eleven months to fill, and I only started volume III in February! Given, it was a journal I had made myself, so the pages are unlined (resulting in fluctuating handwriting size). However, I’m still rather pleased with myself. I recently purchased (yes, I’m a compulsive journal buyer, whether I need one or not; I just can;t help myself! 🙂 ) a journal that I want to be my journal during this summer, and I might make it in time.

You know what else else? I’m rambling. Haha, sorry, I just have so much to say! It’s all spilling out.

Plus also, I should probably get to working on my pre-calculus homework…yesterday I didn’t understand Synthetic Division, so I hated math and the world. However, I get it now, so math is fine and the world is so sunny! 😀

Well, I’m off! Don’t worry, I will be posting much more frequently now. I’m in the home stretch of the school year, and I can feel spring coming on…also, I’m back in the groove of blogging now.


Ooh, Double Significance!

10:27 am.

Wowzers, today is significant for two reasons. As many of you probably know, this is Martin Luther King Junior Day. On this day his birthday, we commemorate all he did for the Civil Rights Movement and equality between black and white people.

If you want to hear the audio of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, his most famous and memorable speech, here is a link: “I Have A Dream”

Now, today is doubly significant because today is also the day that my country’s president Barack Obama is being re-inaugurated for his second term as President. I think it’s highly appropriate for his inauguration ceremony to be held on MLK day, he being the first black president of the United States. Don’t you?

Trivia time! Did you know that President Obama is the only president in U.S. history to take the Oath of Office four times? His first time was on his first Inauguration day; the second time was because Chief Justice Roberts had messed up the words the first time, so the President had to take the Oath again; the third time was yesterday: it is in the Constitution that the president must be inaugurated on the 20th of January at noon; however, yesterday being a Sunday, the actual ceremony is being held today, and the President will take the Oath for the fourth time today.

1.) Happy Inauguration Day, America!

2.) Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone!

Here We Are, At The End

10:05 pm.

Wowzers! In less than two hours, this year will be over. I almost can’t believe it, but y’know, I’m ready to stop writing “2012” on everything I write a date on.

This year’s been rather nice for me. I enjoyed it. I saw Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand performed in Grand Rapids; I made new friends; I found great treasures at my beach; I started a blog (of which I’ve become rather fond); I was awarded, along with some of my classmates, an academic letter for having a high GPA (3.963) lat year (I want to bring back letter cardigans! 😀 ); I got everything I wanted for Christmas; and, again, I made new friends.

I look forward to this coming year, and hope it to be better than any before.

Happy New Year’s Eve, Everyone! (Look at that, I even capitalized “Everyone”, you guys, my viewers, are so important 🙂 )



P.S. – This is my year in pictures:2012 My Year in Pictures

Christmas Again

9:32 pm.

Christmas really is one of the most lovely times of the year. Everyone makes an effort to be cheerful and warmhearted, and those of us who are so fortunate are able to give and receive wonderful gifts.

Some things about Christmas never change. Not necessarily “traditions”, but things that always occur. For example, my grandfather starts hollering when he’s having difficulty operating the DVD player, when we’re trying to watch Christmas Vacation (one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies, by the way). It’s one of those things where I can’t help but smile and giggle, listening to him struggle like always. It’s almost cute, in a way.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. And, for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I offer warm thoughts and hope for you to enjoy yourself and your life.Photo2974

This is my Christmas Tree, this morning (around 7:30 am), before any presents were touched (except those fussed with by the cat, Maisy).

Photo3017Christmas bells are ringing…


12:31 pm.

Wowzers, I can’t believe it is Halloween already!! I feel like October just began…crazy!!

I am dressed (I have most of my costume on here at school) as my Alter Ego, Superkat. But she’s not a cat, so don’t even ask 🙂

The weather is rather dreadful–cold, windy, and rainy. But I may go trick-or-treating anyway…We shall see.