Data and Ideas

6:24 pm.


This graph here clearly rectifies the argument that guns used in mass shootings are obtained illegally. Obviously, the majority of them are obtained legally (note the tall orange guy to the left), which leads me to this inference: people are not being checked thoroughly enough before they buy guns, because 79% (49/62) of the guns used in these mass shootings were obtained within the law. (graph source)

Now, I don’t think we should ban guns. That’s not realistic–not only would it never pass, but it would not end the issue of gun violence. Banning guns will just move the guns to the black market. Look at Prohibition: did banning alcohol end drinking? No, it just led to organized crime and bootlegging. If guns are banned, people will just resort to obtaining them illicitly.

So, what we need to do is initiate a system of background checks. We need to check what a person’s done in their life-are they an ex-convict? Are they mentally ill? Are they predisposed to engage in gun violence for any other reason? We need to make sure people with these ‘qualifications’, so to speak, can’t obtain guns that they could use to kill innocent people. I mean, come on: it’s just common sense.

That’s Twice This Week

2:13 pm.

This makes me sick, posting about this topic twice in the same week. Just that it has happened twice this week is what angers me so much.

In the middle of the school day today (it is 5th period right now), my mom texts me and informs me that there has been a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. An elementary school.

The death toll is 27 people so far: the shooter, eight adults, and 18 children. The age range for the children is five to ten years old. This is the second deadliest shooting at a school–the deadliest was Virginia Tech.

I can’t imagine how the parents of those children (and the children of those adults, if they have any) are feeling right now. They sent their children to school, which should be a safe place. I think everyone in the world can agree that school should be a safe place for a child. And what happened? Now they’re gone. I am so deeply sorry and sad for you who have lost family or friends from this shooting.

Honestly, this makes me afraid for my own safety.

I’m scared, and I can’t tell you how much I want this ever-increasing gun violence issue in America to end.

**UPDATE: the toll has risen to 20 children total.

**UPDATE: the number of adults killed is 6, not 8.