I Went to the Beach.

12:08 pm.

Yesterday I went to the beach. It was hot out, but the water was cold, but I got used to it over time, and eventually I was going fully underwater.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for its entire existence (actually, I don’t think anyone followed me from that point), you would know from my posts from last summer that my favourite thing to do at the beach is look for beach treasures. And I’m happy to announce that I found some yesterday.



This was my first find of the day. Wow! It is a bottle (obviously), with a height of seven and a half inches and a diameter at its base of two inches. There’s no writing on the sides, but on the bottom it reads “J L & Co L D C 1797”. It doesn’t seem terribly old, but it’s still cool.



This one does seem older. It reads “WELCH’S” on the front and the back. It is five inches tall, and has a diameter at its base of two inches. It’s nicely worn, and I’m happy to welcome it to my collection 🙂



I really don’t need more bottle bottoms, especially ones that have a jagged part of the bottle on it, but I kept this, for a reason. It reads “THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD”, which itself is not really impressive; I see that all the time. The reason for which I kept it, though, is that in the center, one can read the word “BOTTLE” again, like it was double-struck when it was made.


This was just so ridiculously large, I had to keep it. I suppose it is the bottom of a pickle jar or something. It has an odd character on it, like a T and an F put together.

Oh, it’s so nice to be back to my game! This was my first time to the beach this summer, and I would say that it was a good day for my collection. 🙂


Asylum Photos

6:10 pm.

On Monday, we went to the Old State Hospital. This is one of my favourite things about Traverse City; it’s an old mental asylum, established in 1885 under the premise of “beauty is therapy”. It was shut down in 1989, and fell into a state of disrepair until recently; a few of the buildings have been restored already, and more have been bought, with the intentions to restore them and preserve the history. You can read more about the place here.

While I was there on Monday evening, I took over 300 photos. I have since sorted through and edited them, and I was able to narrow it down to twenty-three favourites. And, here they are:


























(note: all photos of the insides of the buildings were taken through broken windows. No trespassing occurred 🙂 )




I’m Still Here!!

4:10 pm.

I am so sorry, everyone! I’ve been away for so long…it’s been three weeks! Augh!

Why was I gone?

Well, I had a week of second trimester final exam testing, then the first week of the third trimester, then a week and a half of spring break…I’ve been a busy(ish) bean.

What did I do over spring break, you may ask? Well…

1.) I went to the public library for the first time in about three hundred years. (Really. It’s been a long time.)

2.) I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part II in the historic theatre downtown. It was so great! (Only thing: Harry was supposed to fix his phoenix feather wand with the Elder Wand, then put the Elder Wand in the Headmaster’s office. Not break it and throw it in the ravine! Hel-LO!)  (<–see that? That was a rant. 🙂 )

3.) I travelled downstate to Grand Rapids, where we spent time with my grandparents. We went to an antique mall, where I bought these guys:


I got this SuperCool pen holder. It has pennies in it! REal, live 1979 pennies! Ten of them! How rad is that?


Here it is again, because it’s so great!


This book was published in 1879! It’s in great shape, plus it was only 2.5$–how could I resist?


Another spoon for my collection!



And, I got this beast of an insulator! Really, it’s huge, and weighs…well…a lot!


4.) I went to see the big Titanic exhibit in the Grand Rapids museum! I apologise for lack of pictures of it–there was no photography allowed. Nevertheless, I loved it! I don’t know if any of you know about it, but it is a big exhibit with a ton of real artifacts. There were rooms set up; there was even a faux iceberg! It was cold and wet like the real thing!

Also, every visitor receives a “Boarding Pass” at the beginning of the exhibit, with an actual person on it, who was on the Titanic. At the end, there is a memorial wall, where you can look to see if the person on your ticket lived or died…how thrilling! MY person was Mrs. Peter Joseph (Catherine Rizk). She survived, along with her two children and her friend! Which is pretty cool, considering 68 percent of the people aboard perished. Including the person my grandfather got–his person was Isodor Strauss, who was the owner of Macy’s (the store).

So yeah, I had a great time…I even bought a t-shirt!


Also during break, I did a reading binge–I read ten whole books! I was at it voraciously, as I hadn’t had the time to read a book since November! Which, by the way, is very out of character for me; I usually read all the time; however, with all my reading for AP World History class, I haven’t had much of an appetite (or time!) for reading recently.

I don’t know if I’ve actually mentioned this here on my blog, but I am on a Penny Project right now. It’s really rather an ongoing effort. I work my way up to 1000 pennies, and then use the Bean Counter (as my mom and I refer to it…really, it’s the put-your-change-in-and-then-redeem-your-money machine thingy) at the bank for ten dollars. I last did that on the third of January this year. Right now, though, I already have 586 pennies in my “Pennies On1y!” Jar. I am more than half-way! Whoo hoo!

You know what else I’m halfway through? My current journal. It’s volume three; I’ve been journalling since New Year’s Eve, 2010. I’m pretty proud of myself: volume II took eleven months to fill, and I only started volume III in February! Given, it was a journal I had made myself, so the pages are unlined (resulting in fluctuating handwriting size). However, I’m still rather pleased with myself. I recently purchased (yes, I’m a compulsive journal buyer, whether I need one or not; I just can;t help myself! 🙂 ) a journal that I want to be my journal during this summer, and I might make it in time.

You know what else else? I’m rambling. Haha, sorry, I just have so much to say! It’s all spilling out.

Plus also, I should probably get to working on my pre-calculus homework…yesterday I didn’t understand Synthetic Division, so I hated math and the world. However, I get it now, so math is fine and the world is so sunny! 😀

Well, I’m off! Don’t worry, I will be posting much more frequently now. I’m in the home stretch of the school year, and I can feel spring coming on…also, I’m back in the groove of blogging now.


Starting to Shop for Christmas (Already)

8:26 pm.

Well, like every year, we went out shopping yesterday (don’t worry, no one got maced 🙂 ). we got some nice treats, things to set aside for Christmas (which, by the way, we will be spending at my grandparents’ house–yay!).

You know, I really don’t know where I’m going with this post. But, I have something I want to share that I think will maybe make you guys feel more happy with your lives–it made me, for sure.

While I was out shopping yesterday, in Grand Rapids, I saw a man on a corner where there was a man standing. He was holding a sign–I didn’t get to read the whole thing (we were in the car driving, see)–but, it said “Three Children, lost job…” and it just made me feel so sad for that man.

I thought about him the rest of the time while we were shopping, how he wouldn’t be doing holiday shopping, how his kids wouldn’t be getting any grand presents for Christmas or whichever holiday they celebrated…It just made me feel more grateful for what I have.

So, I want to add another thing to my “What I’m Thankful List”:

12.) Having what I have.

Because I Am a Crazy Person

3:35 pm.

So. I went to the beach today.

Yeah. It was freezing.

I was on my way coming home from an impromptu sleepover at a friend’s house, and we (my mom and I) passed West End Beach.

“Hey, Mom, let’s go to the beach.”

-“You know, I was actually just thinking about that.”

So, we went to the beach. It was around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water was like liquid ice. It was really silly. We were there for almost two hours! We are crazy people.

I did find some stuff, though. A couple bottle necks, plenty of nice rocks (the lack of boat traffic in the bay allowed the water to stand rather still, so it was easy to view the rocks).

Also, the water has receded. Like, a lot. A few feet of shore (three, four, around there) is present when it hadn’t been before. Funny.

So yes, that was my adventure of the bay. I mean, day. Haha. 🙂

Some Treasures

7:47 pm.

So, this afternoon and evening, my family and I went up the Peninsula (Old Mission Peninsula), to get pumpkins and to enjoy the lovely autumn colours. On our way back, we passed West End Beach, and I just about begged my mom for us to go, just for a little while. It was around 5:40 ish.

I was ever so glad that my mom agreed (after much badgering on my part 🙂 ). Holly and Abby stayed in the car, but I practically ran from the car and to the shore. Mom followed, but slower. Let me tell you, that Lake michigan water was freezing!! But it was so worth it, considering my finds!

So, without further ado, here is my haul:

A white glass marble (no imperfections); a bit of stoneware which reads something, and the “England”; a nicely polished old bottle neck; an oxidized copper button, with the United States Eagle seal on it; and, best of all, a nicely polished bottle stopper! I had been wondering when I would find one of those guys! 🙂

There were other things I found of course, but these were the Outstanding Specimens.

Have a good week!

A Visit to the Old Haunt

3:53 pm.

Wow–what started out today as a low-key, late-morning trip to the farmers’ market became a high-thrill adventure!!

Well, high-thrill to me and my mom , anyway. 🙂

So, after purchasing baked goods, soap, and apples at the FM, we (Mom and me) wanted to go to the beach, for funsies.  Holly and Abby, who were both with us, were less than thrilled, but went along because they had to. Anyway, the beach was about ten seconds away from where the FM is held, so why not?

Well, we started out poking around the rocks towards the one side (the water level had receded rather a bit, you see). We found some stuff- Mom found some old bricks, and I found a couple pieces of glass and an old rusty spicket (or possibly a bit of piping with a valve on it- I’m not quite sure).

We moved onward, along the shore, until we got to one point where we saw so much in the water that I just had to take my shoes and socks off, roll up the legs of my jeans, and get in the water. (If you are a beach comber, maybe you know the feeling 🙂 )

So I found TONS of stuff- mostly glass. Pieces of old Ball canning jars (the pretty blue ones); bottle and jar bottoms; bottle necks;  seven (plus one my mom found later) pennies- very oxidized and corroded at that; and four Grand Prizes: an old inkwell (me), half of an antique Hemingray No. 9 blue glass insulator (me), a fancy little bottle, possibly spice (mom), and a “Jennings Condensed Pearl C.P.B. Bluing” bottle (me). Here they are, in that order:

My ink bottle!

The bottom of my ink bottle reads “Keller Detroit”. This was the name of the company, and the company’s home, which manufactured this bottle.

the outside of my insulator half. Though the number is broken off, I looked it up on an online database and I matched it to number nine.

The inside of my insulator half.

Here it is again, just because it is lovely!! 🙂

Mom’s spice(?) bottle. It has no markings, so we can only guess at what it is. It is old, though, because it is nicely frosted (I don’t know if you can tell).

Here is the “Bluing” bottle. It was a laundry product, and this bottle dates back to the 1920s. A bit of it is broken off at the top–the neck is, I mean. About an inch or so. Understandable, as it gets so narrow. But it is still rather complete, so hooray.

Here are some of my other finds today:

Here I show the bottle and jar bottoms of the day- I thought I would feature them, as there is such a lovely assortment of different colours ans sizes.

This is part of a crock. There are a ton of pieces of this stuff in the bay, and I usually don’t go for them- but this one was fun, with the “2”–or possibly cursive “Q”–on it.

So, I hope you enjoy!! I sure did!

What a Lovely Birthday

3:47 pm.

Two days ago was my birthday. Wowzers. Yeah. um…idk.

Yup, so we did an evening picnic at the beach, which was awesome, cos we hadn’t been to the beach in quite a while. The weather was very nice, there were hardly any other people,and i found stuff. A couple pieces of glass, rocks (including a few petoskeys), and a great piece of driftwood, which is probably completely dried out now (i found in in the water, partially buried in sand).
My mom found an awesome old sand-polished bottle neck which I am totally jealous of…

The cats are fine. Noodle is currently begging for treats at the cupboard downstairs in the kitchen, and Snowbelle is sitting at the open front door, acting cool (cos she totally is).


More Beach Treasures

10:43 am.

Right. So, my family and I went to West End Beach  yesterday evening for the end-of-Cherry-Festival fireworks show. So, naturally, I spent half my time there in the water and on the shore, looking for stuff. Here are my favourite items:

So, four bottle bottoms, one bottle neck, two porcelain electrical insulators (round things left middle), a few pebbles, some bits of porcelain dishes, a bit of metal that could be a C or G, a metal buckle, some bits of coloured glass, four pieces of old canning jar glass lid-liners, and coloured/designed bits of pottery (center). See that large-ish dark rock towards the bottom of the photo, looks kind of crunchy? Yeah. It seems to be an ore of some type; there was plenty of it, so I only took home a few pieces; I tested it with a magnet, and the magnet stuck. Interesting, huh? I thought so anyway.

Here are the small finds of yesterday evening:

Found were five small petoskey stones, two bits of brown, very-well-smoothed-down glass, a button, 41 cents in change (all found in the water), a small white button, and a ring (also found in the water). I don’t know how valuable the ring is; it has no engravings, no markings as to any material it might be or other, so I am thinking it might just be a bit of costume jewellery. But still, finding a ring at the beach? Cool.

Yep, that’s my haul for yesterday. Oh- and the fireworks were nice. There weren’t many people at the beach, which is  bit surprising, although the weather turned a little chilly, so I guess that may have been a factor. The people which were there were good people- not the kind of people who run around with flaming objects and drop them on your beach blanket (a personal experience from Independence Day– the little punk singed our blanket).

I may write later today, but I don’t promise anything 🙂 Goodbye