Oh, Saturday

8:18 pm.


Look, he likes it! 🙂



^^^This is what the average Saturday at my house looks like…The gang’s all here.



So, I went to Target this afternoon/evening…and these are my finds! I was so lucky today…eight pennies, a quarter, and two curiosities: a bouncy ball and a blue-and-silver ring.


So…are you guys all enjoying your weekends, too? 🙂

I Have No Title for This. My Apologies.

6:01 pm.

My oh my, I have been so ridiculously busy this week! mostly with schoolwork. I had three photography assignments, a timed essay for AP world History, an entire chapter for History, a trigonometry/pre-calculus test to study for, and the list goes on. Thankfully, this weekend I have not much to do as far as schoolwork goes, so I managed to make a bag. It’s almost finished, I just need a strap for it. Here’s a picture:







I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. I needed a simple bag, smaller than my other ones…and, since I had the time, why not make my own?

You know what’s funny? I can hear my cat, Noodle, snoring in his sleep. Does anyone else have a cat that snores? It makes Noodle seem quite silly.

Also, the trees outside looked lovely this morning:


Oh, Hello There.

7:50 pm.
Oh, hello there. How are you all today? I’m rather well. We had a snow day today–for any of those unfamiliar with the term, a snow day is when the Higher Ups decide that the winter weather is too Treacherous to have school. And, as always, a snow day on a Monday, thus lengthening the weekend is much welcomed. 😉
Yes, I know I’ve been away for a while…my apologies for that. But, wanna see something funny? Oh, sure you do! Here:


This is how cats get cozy–snuggled up against a Barbie doll. Oh, Noodle, you silly bean you.
Have a great week, all. 🙂

Ah, AP World History

9:39 pm.

Here are my notes from today:


That’s page one, here’s page two:


In quotation marks are direct quotes from my history teacher, Wares. CC = Christopher Columbus.


Oh, and also:



Noodle thinks I’m spending too much time with my textbook and that I’m neglecting him. So, naturally, he planted himself right on top of it.