Well, Hello There.

11:06 am.

Hey guys.

So, every night before I go to bed, like actually go to sleep, I’ll turn over (I’m a side sleeper, facing the wall) and look at me alarm clock/radio/CD player’s digital clock to see at what time I’m going to sleep. Because I’m weird like that. Last night, I went to sleep at 11:42 pm. And this morning, when I finally decided to get my butt out of bed (after I’d woken up, I’d laid in bed for a little while), it was 10:54. I spent eleven hours in bed! That’s, like, a new record for me or something. I usually get up at a reasonable time. For at least the first week of Summer Vacation (today marks a fortnight), I would get out of bed around 7:13 am every day, and get showered and dressed. But today, I let myself sleep in a bit.

Okay, I don’t really know why I just blathered about my sleeping habits to you guys for an entire paragraph. Hm. Anyway, last night, my family and I watched the original Poltergeist movie. (I don’t know if there’s a remake of it; I just wanted to make it clear that it was the old one.) I suppose my favourite part was when all the coffins came popping out of the ground. There are quite a bit of things in that movie which have been referenced in popular culture over the years. For example, when little Carol Ann says about the ‘TV People’, “They’re he-re”. Also, “Don’t go into the light!” And, the stretching hallway with the door at the end, making it seem like the door is growing further and further away. Actually, I think that one was in some episode of Spongebob or other. (What can I say? We Millennials know our Spongebob.)

On another subject, my best friend is currently in Germany. She’s going to be there for five weeks. Well, she’s been there a week already, so four more weeks. Her time is six hours ahead of me. So, when I woke up, her day was already mostly over (five pm).

And, you know what’s troubling me? She sent me a letter (that’s our thing- we send each other real, live letters. We’re pretty much single-handedly keeping the postal service from becoming obsolete. (that was a joke.)) She left on the 17th, which was a week ago yesterday, and she sent it from the U.S.A. before leaving. I think her plane took off from Detroit (or in any case, from downstate), and usually it only takes about three to four days for mail to get from downstate to where I am, just under the pinkie (we’re talking Michigan, here). So, I’m worried it go lost in the mail or something.

You know what? This particular instance of blogging makes me feel like last summer. At this point last summer, I had (wait for it) only four posts. Now I have (I think) one hundred and nineteen. Wow.


1:03 pm.

Today was the last day of school (half day), and my blog’s one-year birthday, so the snails came out this morning ot celebrate with us! Isn’t that sweet?





Thank you so much, everyone who has been a part of making this blog of mine a lovely thing (to me, anyway).

I had an ice cream cone when I came home from school.

No more school!

Once I have fully recovered from Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus class, I will make a large Pascal’s Triangle. By the way, I passed my trig exam! Yay me! And, I passed all my other classes’ exams with flying colours. I was only really worried about trig, but I passed, so hooray.

These thoughts are becoming increasingly disorganised, so I think I better leave it at the. Love you guys.

First of June

7:50 pm.

Can you guys believe that it is already June?? I mean, I know May always passes at high speed, but it’s June! And all you schoolchildren out there know what that means…the last day of school is just around the corner! Hooray!

Once school’s out, I’ll be able to go to the beach, go to the library, read, write, BLOG, take photos, hang out with friends, all the time. I’ll even probably paint some. Oh, and garage sales! I love ’em, you never know what kind of treasure you could find.

Before school gets out, though, I have to write my research paper for English class (I’ll need to work on that tomorrow…), and take all of my exams.

But, hey, the last day of school is the eleventh…so you know what that means! The eleventh is the one-year anniversary of my blog! In ten days! Wowzers! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already. It’s so nice to see in my archives list all the months between June 2012 and June 2013. And, I couldn’t do it without all you guys. All your likes, your comments, your follows…thanks so much. They’ve fueled my continuation of blogging. My blog has evolved so much. I’ve made 115 posts (I think that’s the number, anyway), I’ve shared my life, I’ve won some awards along the way, and I’ve met lots of lovely people. I realise I should probably be saying all this in the eleventh, but  just wanted to say it. So, thank you, everyone who has ever looked at my blog. Thanks for being a part of this.

I’m Still Here!!

4:10 pm.

I am so sorry, everyone! I’ve been away for so long…it’s been three weeks! Augh!

Why was I gone?

Well, I had a week of second trimester final exam testing, then the first week of the third trimester, then a week and a half of spring break…I’ve been a busy(ish) bean.

What did I do over spring break, you may ask? Well…

1.) I went to the public library for the first time in about three hundred years. (Really. It’s been a long time.)

2.) I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part II in the historic theatre downtown. It was so great! (Only thing: Harry was supposed to fix his phoenix feather wand with the Elder Wand, then put the Elder Wand in the Headmaster’s office. Not break it and throw it in the ravine! Hel-LO!)  (<–see that? That was a rant. 🙂 )

3.) I travelled downstate to Grand Rapids, where we spent time with my grandparents. We went to an antique mall, where I bought these guys:


I got this SuperCool pen holder. It has pennies in it! REal, live 1979 pennies! Ten of them! How rad is that?


Here it is again, because it’s so great!


This book was published in 1879! It’s in great shape, plus it was only 2.5$–how could I resist?


Another spoon for my collection!



And, I got this beast of an insulator! Really, it’s huge, and weighs…well…a lot!


4.) I went to see the big Titanic exhibit in the Grand Rapids museum! I apologise for lack of pictures of it–there was no photography allowed. Nevertheless, I loved it! I don’t know if any of you know about it, but it is a big exhibit with a ton of real artifacts. There were rooms set up; there was even a faux iceberg! It was cold and wet like the real thing!

Also, every visitor receives a “Boarding Pass” at the beginning of the exhibit, with an actual person on it, who was on the Titanic. At the end, there is a memorial wall, where you can look to see if the person on your ticket lived or died…how thrilling! MY person was Mrs. Peter Joseph (Catherine Rizk). She survived, along with her two children and her friend! Which is pretty cool, considering 68 percent of the people aboard perished. Including the person my grandfather got–his person was Isodor Strauss, who was the owner of Macy’s (the store).

So yeah, I had a great time…I even bought a t-shirt!


Also during break, I did a reading binge–I read ten whole books! I was at it voraciously, as I hadn’t had the time to read a book since November! Which, by the way, is very out of character for me; I usually read all the time; however, with all my reading for AP World History class, I haven’t had much of an appetite (or time!) for reading recently.

I don’t know if I’ve actually mentioned this here on my blog, but I am on a Penny Project right now. It’s really rather an ongoing effort. I work my way up to 1000 pennies, and then use the Bean Counter (as my mom and I refer to it…really, it’s the put-your-change-in-and-then-redeem-your-money machine thingy) at the bank for ten dollars. I last did that on the third of January this year. Right now, though, I already have 586 pennies in my “Pennies On1y!” Jar. I am more than half-way! Whoo hoo!

You know what else I’m halfway through? My current journal. It’s volume three; I’ve been journalling since New Year’s Eve, 2010. I’m pretty proud of myself: volume II took eleven months to fill, and I only started volume III in February! Given, it was a journal I had made myself, so the pages are unlined (resulting in fluctuating handwriting size). However, I’m still rather pleased with myself. I recently purchased (yes, I’m a compulsive journal buyer, whether I need one or not; I just can;t help myself! 🙂 ) a journal that I want to be my journal during this summer, and I might make it in time.

You know what else else? I’m rambling. Haha, sorry, I just have so much to say! It’s all spilling out.

Plus also, I should probably get to working on my pre-calculus homework…yesterday I didn’t understand Synthetic Division, so I hated math and the world. However, I get it now, so math is fine and the world is so sunny! 😀

Well, I’m off! Don’t worry, I will be posting much more frequently now. I’m in the home stretch of the school year, and I can feel spring coming on…also, I’m back in the groove of blogging now.


Oh My Bean! An Award!

1:10 pm.

Today has turned out to be a Very Nice Day. Know why? Well, besides the fact that it is another snow day (the second in a row!), I was just awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger award by InkPaperPen! She has a great blog over there–filled with meaningful discussions on important topics.



1.) link back to your nominator (check!)

2.) put image in post (check!)

3.) share seven facts about yourself:

-I dabble in photography.

Stargirl (by Jerry Spinelli) is one of my top favourite books–it ought to be on everyone’s must-read list, regardless of age!

-I am a very organizational person.

-I am an overachiever, and I hold myself to Rather High academic standards.

-I love old stuff…that musty smell, the stories held by everything…

-I love finding pennies (and other coins), and I’ll go out of my way to pick it up.

-I’m frequently told my sneezes sound like those of kittens.

4.) Nominate other bloggers and tell them you have. Here’s a list of blogs which I think are fun, interesting, or just plain lovely:

The Penny Project


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Liebster Award, For Me?

1:38 pm.

WOWZERS!! I won the Liebster award! Thank you so much, PajariGirls, it is an honor!

 Liebster Award

Okay, so I will answer the questions now. 🙂

1.) Does YOUR sister pick on you, too? Nagging and such?

YES!! My little sister, Abby, is always bothering me. She annoys me, and then I get blamed by my mom for supposedly instigating.

2.) When was the last time you shoveled poo?


3.) What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

Hm… I’d probably jump up and down and scream, then text or call everyone, then blog about it. The first thing I’d buy, though, would probably be a thing of Nutella (she typed as she licked Nutella off a spoon… 😀 )

4.) How YOU doin’? (It’s just not the same without an up-nod and a bad Sopranos accent.)

Very well, and you? 🙂

5.) What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a surgeon, doctor, physician…Generally, in the medical field.

6.) If you could live anywhere on earth (and take whomever you wanted along), where would it be?

I would probably move somewhere in the middle of Europe, so that I could easily take a train and be in another country. it’s not like that in the U.S….We’re unnecessarily large 🙂

7.) What do you admire most about yourself?

I probably admire most about myself my sense of humor, and my intelligence. Not being ostentatious, though 🙂

8.) What would you most like to change about yourself?

I would like to change how irascible and snarky I can be at times.

9.) What are you waiting for?

Interesting question. Right now, I am waiting for winter break (only three more days!) There are more, but those can get personal-ish.

10.) Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging initially because I wanted to record my summer in a different media than just writing in a journal. I also wanted to see what the online community is like, as I don’t do facebook (no thank you) or twitter (would never get around to it), or any of the others. So far, I love it! 😀

11.) What is the most-watched movie/DVD in your collection?

Well, that really depends on the time of year. For summer, it would be The ‘Burbs (which no one has seen or heard of! Surprising, considering it is a Tom Hanks movie). For autumn, it would be Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, or other Tim Burton movies. In the summer, I watch Elf and Christmas Vacation the most. Not sure about spring…

Well, that’s me!

And now for the Eleven Random Facts About Me:

1.) last year for fun, I memorised the first 173 digits of pi. No joke!

2.) I had never eaten a turkey sandwich until Spring Break of fifth grade.

3.) my favourite number is nine, because it is the first odd number that is not prime.

4.) I say “bean” a lot. Like, “good bean”, or “sure beans”, or “hey, bean [greeting someone]”, or “story of my life as a bean” (my subtitle)

5.) my chemistry teacher thinks I do drugs. Which, by the way, I absolutely do not. I’m a very innocent, boring child really.

6.) I sleep with socks on.

7.) I was such a little brat as a child, you have no idea. 🙂

8.) I actually act like a child quite a bit nowadays. Not the bratty part, though 🙂 but, for example, I love, love, love finding pennies on the ground/floor.

9.) For the record, I actually read the book Alice in Wonderland before seeing either of the movies 🙂

10.) Everyone always says that my sneezes sound like those of a kitten.

11.) I can be highly energetic and happy (that’s how I mostly come off as), but I can also be lazy and sad and stuff.

So yeah! Now for Phase Three:

I nominate…

1.) Bean Sprowt Crocodile

2.) Hover Craft Doggy

3.) Erewon

4.) Rarasaur

5.) Patina and Company

6.) Life PortfOlio

7.) Photo Booth Journal

8.) Spoon Humping

9.) Okay, I’m really sorry, but I really don’t know any other blogs to nominate…Sorry everyone!

As far as questions go…

1.) Do you play any instruments?

2.) Did you ever say anything rude to an adult when you were young(er), without knowing why it was rude?

3.) What is your favourite television program?

4.) What colour socks are you wearing right now? (If no socks, imagine them!)

5.) What do you want to be when you grow up? (if you’re already grown up, what did you want to be when you were young(er)?

6.) How long have you been blogging?

7.) what is your favourite thing to blog about?

8.) What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

9.) Have you ever pulled an All Nighter?

10.) How do you sleep? (lying on back, side, stomach, et c.?)

11.) What is the most recent book that you’ve enjoyed?

here are the Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure you notify the blogger that you nominated them!)
  • You write 11 NEW questions directed toward YOUR nominees.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated your own blog.
  • Plus also, make sure you copy the image onto your blog!

Label Day!

9:53 am.

Well, my blogger-friend Rarasaur created a rather fun thing for today–Label Day! I was so happy to participate, here is my label:

ImageWhoo Hoo! For other blogggers who participated and gave a photo of them wearing a label, check out Rarasaur’s post at http://rarasaur.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/bloggers-celebrate-label-day/

Have a good day! 🙂