About Me

01.) I’m a 15-year-old girl

02.) I live in Michigan

03.) I’m a lefty (southpaw pride! 🙂 )

04.) I follow politics

05.) I strongly believe in equality (race, gender, orientation, et c.)

06.) I cried when I got my first A- on a report card

07.) I love mini coopers

08.) I enjoy reading

09.) My voice is naturally LOUD

10.) I play cello (4+ years)

11.) I’m don’t believe in God (don’t judge me)

12.) I memorised the first 173 digits of pi last year for fun

13.) the ’12 to ’13 season will be my 10th as a snowboarder

14.) my music library is 17 hours “Alternative”, 6.1 hours “Rock”, 5.6 hours “Soundtrack”, among others

15.) I love old stuff

16.) I also love cookies 🙂

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. OH!! I love your pictures! I am very late in thanking you for nominating me for a blogging award so thank you so much for that! I will address this in a post very soon but have been very indisposed over the past few weeks with everything going on.

    Keep on winning.

    • Hello! Ah, I’ve been meaning to post all week! I was I had the first week of my third trimester classes, then a week and a half of spring break, during which I was rather busy. This whole time, I’ve been thinking, “ahhh, I need to get back to WordPress!” But don’t worry, there will be a post by the end of the night, I promise! Plus also, thanks for caring! 🙂

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