The End.

1:08 pm.

It’s coming. We have only eleven (!) days of school left. Yesterday, we got our yearbooks, always the true sign that the school year is drawing a close. Yesterday was also the seniors’ last day of school (they always get out a couple weeks before the rest of us). It’s odd; the last class between my sister and her graduation from high school is now gone. Crazy!

Our lilacs are in bloom, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The trees are all green with leaves. However, it’s unseasonably cold; yesterday, it was in the 50s! Today it’s in the 60s, but still, usually we are in the 70s at least. (These are degrees in Fahrenheit; I’ve just realised that you guys may not have gotten that, most of you being European, and America being one of the only countries not in Celsius.)

So, what else is new? My orchestra concerts went well (both of them), and so did the AP World History exam.

Oh, and I have a couple photos:





I don’t Know which marble photo I prefer. Let me know what you guys think (if you have any opinion on the matter). 🙂


2 thoughts on “The End.

    • I think I like that one better, too. Years ago, when my sister was playing in a softball game (I was about eight), I was digging in the dirt, collecting acorns, and I found s beautiful turquoise marble.

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