Meteorological Nonsense!

9:44 am.

Hey guys! So, yeah, it’ll be May in ten days…and it is SNOWING AGAIN! Augh!

Over the past two weeks, it has been raining a lot, so it has been very melty, very puddly, and a rather squidgy mess. Which isn’t bad–I actually love it when we get to that point in spring. It smells so clean and new and refreshing…and the frogs even woke up! (My house is in front of a wood, which gets wet in the summertime, so it’s sort of a seasonal swamp, but not really. Once the frogs wake up, it means it is finally time for warm weather. The frogs chirping out there in the evening and at night is my absolute favourite summer sound.)

However, yesterday afternoon it was snowing little pellet flakes. Let me show you what I mean:



Okay, I know it is a rather poor photo, but look at that! Do you see it? It was snowing pellets in the shape of snowflakes! They looked like candied snowflakes!

And now, it is snowing again, but large, fluffy flakes. The entire ground, which was for the most part melted away, is now re-covered in snow.

If we keep going at this rate, there will be snow on the ground until May Day. *pout*


9 thoughts on “Meteorological Nonsense!

    • Wowzers! I myself have never experienced a June snow, but I’m sure it has happened where I live. Fortunately, though, the dusting for the morning was all melted by afternoon 🙂

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