I DIY’ed shoes!

11:07 am.

Yesterday, I made do-it-yourself galaxy shoes! Here’s the tutorial I used:

DIY Galaxy Shoes–Kiss My Fashion

A few notes on the process:

– if you put tape on the edge of your shoes to keep the paint off, I advise against using electrical tape–that’s what I used (all the other tutorials I read said to use it), and it left residue on mine. Undesirable. Instead, you could use painter’s tape–that stuff always comes off clean. Or, if you have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge thingy handy, use that after you’re done–it very easily took off some paint that went under the tape.

– I also advise you to water down your paint–it makes it bloom much better, and the colours blend at the edges of patches much better than if you used undiluted paint. Just a little water will do–I would wet my brush, drip it into the paint on your palette or plate, and mix it in until it is runny. Trust me. 🙂 (Also, don’t forget to start off by dampening you shoe with a sponge and water first.)

– Now, I shouldn’t think the paint would run if the shoes get wet, being acrylic and all, but I wanted to be on the safe side, so I used a basic water-proofer sealant spray on mine.

I know you’re all dying to see the finished product 🙂 So, here they are:





I’m rather pleased with how they turned out. If you’re a fan of the whimsical, go ahead and try this–I’m really glad I did!

Kooky Week…Hm…”Kooky”…

2:42 pm.

This week for me had been, as aforementioned, Kooky.

Monday was a normal-schedule school day. Tuesday, though, was the ACT testing for the juniors, so the rest of us were scheduled to waste our time doing pointless things. Fortunately, due to a combination of a sore throat and an understanding mother, I was able to stay home.

Wednesday, I had to go to school. This is because it was the day the sophomores (me) were to take the PLAN test, which is the pre-ACT. It wasn’t anything too strenuous; after all, we’ve been taking pre-ACT tests since middle school. So, I took the test in the morning, ate lunch, sat in a room doing absolutely nothing for an hour, and then my mother came to pick me up because of my…er…sore throat. 🙂

Thursday, though, my throat was very sore, my voice sounded terrible, and I was not feeling well at all. So, I stayed home. It was a nice time, just being at home with my mother.

And today’s Friday….my throat is still sore, but I came to school because it was a normal-school-schedule again. WE ate pancakes in my third class. That was lovely.

Oh! Here’s some photography of mine…nothing new, but I feel as though thi post requires more than a run-down of my on-and-off week.




To be revisited.


Front of the refridgerator.





Have a lovely weekend, all!