What Did I Do Today?

8:32 pm.

Ah, another snow day today! That’s the eighth one this trimester…which is practically unheard of!

So, you may ask, what did I do on my day off? Well…


A batch of chocolate chip cookies made this morning, nearly half gone already.


Rainbow-painted fingernails.




I got a little crazy with the fake tatoos…


And, let’s not forget the one next to my belly button! 🙂


Hope you guys had a good day…I did!

6 thoughts on “What Did I Do Today?

  1. You have had way more snow days than me–jealous! I thought three in one winter was a lot. Check out my current nail-painting post if you like strange and unusual nail painting! Tell me what you think.

      • You mean they sent you home halfway through the day?? I WISH that would happen. Canada’s supposed to be the one with all the snow, anyways! To be honest, I’d rather the snow melted. Soo ready to break out the spring wardrobe!

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