Something New

7:19 pm.

Usually, I make plans for new years, but don’t much follow through on them. I meet an obstacle, or don’t have time, or something. However, I’m going to try to keep up this year.

You know those nifty sticky note thingies you can put on your computer desktop screen? Well, for the last couple months of 2012 (last year! how funny to think about), I was keeping a list of things to do in The New Year. Here is the list, copied and pasted directly from the sticky note:

To Do in 2013:
-that index card calendar thing
-photo blog–one photo per day
-every penny I find, put it away, say when and where found it–list in a notebook
-do at least one nice thing for someone per day.
-complete “wreck this journal” by the end of year.


As for the first one, that was an idea I found on Pinterest (one of the only times I’ve been on there…I neglect my account. What can I say?).  I think it would be a really cool idea. Here is a screen shot I took when i first found it on Pinterest:

2013 Calendar to list everything


I even have a date stamper thingy! How perfect, right?

Okay, I feel like I’m doing Show And Tell. Funny how that happens.

I suppose I will sign off here. (Now watch, right here, I’m going to quote Keith Olbermann a little bit). Good night, and good luck.


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