Here We Are, At The End

10:05 pm.

Wowzers! In less than two hours, this year will be over. I almost can’t believe it, but y’know, I’m ready to stop writing “2012” on everything I write a date on.

This year’s been rather nice for me. I enjoyed it. I saw Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand performed in Grand Rapids; I made new friends; I found great treasures at my beach; I started a blog (of which I’ve become rather fond); I was awarded, along with some of my classmates, an academic letter for having a high GPA (3.963) lat year (I want to bring back letter cardigans! 😀 ); I got everything I wanted for Christmas; and, again, I made new friends.

I look forward to this coming year, and hope it to be better than any before.

Happy New Year’s Eve, Everyone! (Look at that, I even capitalized “Everyone”, you guys, my viewers, are so important 🙂 )



P.S. – This is my year in pictures:2012 My Year in Pictures


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