Oh, Winter, You Indecisive Bean You

5:29 pm.

The winter weather here is being Rather Indecisive. It snowed last Friday and Saturday, and by Saturday afternoon it was raining.

Thus, Sunday was very foggy. I took this photo last Sunday in the morning (straight after I woke up, as a matter of fact). What do you think?


Did you ever read Coraline? Well, I did (before I saw the movie, just for the record). this is sort of how I imagined how it looked, towards the beginning when she went outside to explore in the mist. (after counting all the blue things, windows, and doors inside).

Also, this is kind of random, but the song “Do You Know What I’m Seeing?” by Panic! At The Disco also reminds me of Coraline. The beginning of the song, anyway.

Here are our Outdoor Decorated Trees:


They look a bit silly without any snow around them (not that you can tell in this photo). There is currently no snow on the ground, except for maybe one little patch near my driveway.

But, that’s all going to change within the next couple of days. We are going to have a Blizzard! We may or may not have a snow day tomorrow and/or Friday. I won’t get my hopes up…but, it would be nice.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Winter, You Indecisive Bean You

  1. I love the first photo, it’s beautiful!!
    Over here we had frost and then bright sunshine, more frost, shocking amounts of rain and wind and back to just being muddy and warm and wet!! Winter doesn’t seem to be very normal in Ireland right now

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