The Last One for 89 Years

7:44 pm.

12 December 2012. 12.12.12. That’s the last time that will happen until 01.01.01 89 years from now. I wonder if I will live until then…15 + 89 = 104 years old. Think I can do it? πŸ™‚

Also, I just got rid of this super annoying thingy that took over my New Tab thing on Chrome. I feel so accomplished! (Note to anyone who’s New Tab is automatically redirecting to mystart.incredibar: go to the three-lines widget in the top right corner of your Chrome window, go to “Settings”, then on the left-hand side list, “Extensions”, then uncheck the “Enabled” box next to any and all of the things.)


Here’s a sample of my work in Photography class so far:



Our first project is to use Lines and Composition.


8 thoughts on “The Last One for 89 Years

  1. As long as the world does not end this year, I don’t think it is going to, as it didn’t seem to want to all the other times it was going to end in the last 20 odd years πŸ˜€

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