8:48 pm.

Fort Hood, 5 November 2009.

Tuscon, Arizona, 8 January 2011.

Trayvon Martin, 26 February 2012.

Aurora, Colorado, 20 July 2012.

Chicago, Illinois, 22 October 2012.

And now, we can add Portland, Oregon, 11 December 2012 to the list.


Let’s stop the violence. Stop the shooting. Stop the killing of innocent people.

Let’s regulate guns.

12 thoughts on “Please

  1. I want to like this post a thousand times. Hopefully the young and sensible like you will eventually convince others to resolve this awful, deadly problem. The statistics are overwhelming. The Constitution was not written in the time of modern technology. Anyone who thinks they need a gun in case of an uprising against their government should notice that people who believe they are rising up against their government in a freely-elected democracy are overwhelmingly locked up for a brain disorder in the end. Such a great country with such a vast blind spot!

    • Well said! There’s no need for average people to own the same types of guns that soldiers are using–it’s not necessary, and it’s a threat to the safety of everyone. People shouldn’t be have to fear for their lives thinking some person with a gun could open fire whenever and wherever. It’s common sense.

      • I certainly agree that it’s common sense, but it never ceases to amaze me the gun-toters that think that if THEY were in that theatre, they would SAVE people in a dramatic, heroic, wild-west style shoot-out showcasing their remarkable sharp-shooting skills, rather than just killing more innocent people.
        The stats in America versus countries that control guns make it so obvious.
        Anyway, I really hope you can move this mountain one day, girl.

  2. Reblogged this on patinaandcompany and commented:
    A few days ago, on the date of another sad tragedy, this young blogger asked me to re-blog her wish. I am choking back tears as I re-blog this. Unfortunately, today is the day to do so if ever there was one. My profoundest sympathy to the victims’ families.

  3. I would really like to weigh in as a pacifist. In many ways I am one, I don’t like to even kill insects, although I do when they threaten my food supply. I agree that guns are bad, but it is the people who do the kiling. How can we stop them, and I don’t mean this in a smart alec way. I wish we had a better test or screening of what makes people lose it, and how do we keep them out of our public places, especially-no wait, there is no especially needed. Just stop the deranged and angry from hurting anyone. All our technology and we can’t fix this problem, so sad.

    • Yes, I agree that we need a more secure way of screening someone before giving them a deadly weapon. I think that is equally as needed, not just regulate the guns but regulate who can access the guns.

      • The other issue I have is that we need to screen some places that we enter. Schools should have more security, though I wonder how that would have helped in today’s situation. I know of places, in fact I taught in one, where precautions were taken when information was given about someone being overly upset. Doors were locked, but how do you ever know what might happen?

      • Exactly–you can go through the motions in practice, but ultimately no one can plan for a tragedy. As a high school student, I’ve gone through countless “lock-down drills” throughout my school career, but really, no one can make something go ideally and according to plan.

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