Here We Are, At The End

10:05 pm.

Wowzers! In less than two hours, this year will be over. I almost can’t believe it, but y’know, I’m ready to stop writing “2012” on everything I write a date on.

This year’s been rather nice for me. I enjoyed it. I saw Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand performed in Grand Rapids; I made new friends; I found great treasures at my beach; I started a blog (of which I’ve become rather fond); I was awarded, along with some of my classmates, an academic letter for having a high GPA (3.963) lat year (I want to bring back letter cardigans! 😀 ); I got everything I wanted for Christmas; and, again, I made new friends.

I look forward to this coming year, and hope it to be better than any before.

Happy New Year’s Eve, Everyone! (Look at that, I even capitalized “Everyone”, you guys, my viewers, are so important 🙂 )



P.S. – This is my year in pictures:2012 My Year in Pictures

Christmas Again

9:32 pm.

Christmas really is one of the most lovely times of the year. Everyone makes an effort to be cheerful and warmhearted, and those of us who are so fortunate are able to give and receive wonderful gifts.

Some things about Christmas never change. Not necessarily “traditions”, but things that always occur. For example, my grandfather starts hollering when he’s having difficulty operating the DVD player, when we’re trying to watch Christmas Vacation (one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies, by the way). It’s one of those things where I can’t help but smile and giggle, listening to him struggle like always. It’s almost cute, in a way.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. And, for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I offer warm thoughts and hope for you to enjoy yourself and your life.Photo2974

This is my Christmas Tree, this morning (around 7:30 am), before any presents were touched (except those fussed with by the cat, Maisy).

Photo3017Christmas bells are ringing…

Greetings, Winter, Glad You Could Make It

1:34 pm.


This is at my school, yesterday late-morning (it was an impromtu half day)

Photo2825The woods behind my house this morning. Everything is positively smothered in snow!

I stayed up ate last night texting a lovely friend 🙂 and woke up this morning at 8:06 to no power! Luckily, it’s comeback on, but the lights flickered a few times a little while ago, so still bracing myself.

Does This Make Me Look Like A Hipster?

9:58 am.

So, today is Holiday Sweater day for Spirit week at my school. Naturally, I own zero holiday sweaters, so I asked myself the ages-old question: What will I wear?

Here’s what I came up with:


This outfit makes me feel like a hipster. 😀

The sweater is my mom’s great-uncle’s from the ’50s, and the scarf, my mom got at a market in France in the ’80s.