Starting to Shop for Christmas (Already)

8:26 pm.

Well, like every year, we went out shopping yesterday (don’t worry, no one got maced 🙂 ). we got some nice treats, things to set aside for Christmas (which, by the way, we will be spending at my grandparents’ house–yay!).

You know, I really don’t know where I’m going with this post. But, I have something I want to share that I think will maybe make you guys feel more happy with your lives–it made me, for sure.

While I was out shopping yesterday, in Grand Rapids, I saw a man on a corner where there was a man standing. He was holding a sign–I didn’t get to read the whole thing (we were in the car driving, see)–but, it said “Three Children, lost job…” and it just made me feel so sad for that man.

I thought about him the rest of the time while we were shopping, how he wouldn’t be doing holiday shopping, how his kids wouldn’t be getting any grand presents for Christmas or whichever holiday they celebrated…It just made me feel more grateful for what I have.

So, I want to add another thing to my “What I’m Thankful List”:

12.) Having what I have.


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