2016: It’s On, Bro!

8:56 pm.

Ah… it is the week after the election, we can be friends with our opposite-political-affiliation friends again (haha), we know who the next president is, and the news is back to talking about the scandals our officials get themselves tangled up in.

But you know what else is being discussed on the news? Presidential Election 2016.

Come on, guys. Really? I mean, I know it’s fun for all you pundits out there in the media to speculate, list off poll numbers, and show us fun colour-coded maps of the country (yes, I mean you, Chuck Todd 🙂 ), but please…Give it a rest! I am so not ready for another set of campaigns. I share this opinion with Colbert from yesterday:


(1:57 minutes in)

Really, I love politics, but let’s just give it a rest. Deal? 🙂


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