What’s That, Out There?

12:21 pm.

Why, it is snow, of course! The first sticking snow of the season is here!

It was snowing last night, and it stuck. The roads are unpleasant, though, as the snow got pounded down and turned into a sheet of ice.

I always love the first snowfall of the season. It makes me want to listen to Crosby singing Christmas songs, and drink hot cocoa. Snow is lovely for the first three months; after that, though, it just gets tiresome.

Snow also means that ski (or snowboard, in my case) season is coming ever closer. Whoo hoo!

“They want to stop the ones who want prosthetic foreheads on their heads”. My apologies, that was really obscure, but it is the song I am currently listening to. Obscurity is the nature of most (if not all) of They Might Be Giants’ songs, though, so it’s okay.

Oh, yay–today I have Writing Club after school.

These thoughts are becoming progressively more disorganized, so I suppose I will sign off. 🙂


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