12:31 pm.

Wowzers, I can’t believe it is Halloween already!! I feel like October just began…crazy!!

I am dressed (I have most of my costume on here at school) as my Alter Ego, Superkat. But she’s not a cat, so don’t even ask 🙂

The weather is rather dreadful–cold, windy, and rainy. But I may go trick-or-treating anyway…We shall see.


Some Treasures

7:47 pm.

So, this afternoon and evening, my family and I went up the Peninsula (Old Mission Peninsula), to get pumpkins and to enjoy the lovely autumn colours. On our way back, we passed West End Beach, and I just about begged my mom for us to go, just for a little while. It was around 5:40 ish.

I was ever so glad that my mom agreed (after much badgering on my part 🙂 ). Holly and Abby stayed in the car, but I practically ran from the car and to the shore. Mom followed, but slower. Let me tell you, that Lake michigan water was freezing!! But it was so worth it, considering my finds!

So, without further ado, here is my haul:

A white glass marble (no imperfections); a bit of stoneware which reads something, and the “England”; a nicely polished old bottle neck; an oxidized copper button, with the United States Eagle seal on it; and, best of all, a nicely polished bottle stopper! I had been wondering when I would find one of those guys! 🙂

There were other things I found of course, but these were the Outstanding Specimens.

Have a good week!

Weekend Update

10:39 pm.

Ah, another week has gone by. How is it already 2/3s of the way through October? Time is going by too quickly!!

So, today is Saturday. Was, rather. And is was a nice one, too. I spent the morning reading, and on the Internet. Then I showered, and read and outlined about 25 pages in my History textbook. I’m pleased that I finished all my reading today, instead of leaving some for tomorrow (which I nearly always regret).

The afternoon I spent outside in the woods, ‘excavating’–there is an ancient wheelbarrow partially submerged in the ground out there behind my house, and I have been trying to lift it up since I was a relatively small child. I made quite a bit of progress today, but I didn’t bring a big enough spade to move aside this one rotting log that I think is holding it down.

This evening, I watched movies, sipped hot cocoa, and prowled the Internet some more–mostly Etsy. I love that site!

Oh! Noodle’s birthday party last Sunday was quite lovely, by the way.

Tomorrow holds some rather nice weather (in comparison to the rain we’ve experienced all week long), so we may or may not go to the beach for one final time this season.

Hey! It’s Been a While…

6:25 pm.

Hey guys! Sorry for those of you who (maybe?) come here every so often, I’ve not done a post in like a bajillion years! School/assignments have been so crazy!

Speaking of school, my high school homecoming dance was last night! I had a ton of fun, dancing awkwardly yet shamelessly (own it!) with my friends.

So guess what? Noodle’s birthday was Monday! (actually, it’s just an estimation, as we adopted him from a family friend, but we assigned the 8th of October to be his birthday.) So, we are having a party for him later this evening, after dinner! Which, actually, is right now… So, see ya! i will post picture(s) of Noodle in his party hat later! 🙂