A Visit to the Old Haunt

3:53 pm.

Wow–what started out today as a low-key, late-morning trip to the farmers’ market became a high-thrill adventure!!

Well, high-thrill to me and my mom , anyway. 🙂

So, after purchasing baked goods, soap, and apples at the FM, we (Mom and me) wanted to go to the beach, for funsies.  Holly and Abby, who were both with us, were less than thrilled, but went along because they had to. Anyway, the beach was about ten seconds away from where the FM is held, so why not?

Well, we started out poking around the rocks towards the one side (the water level had receded rather a bit, you see). We found some stuff- Mom found some old bricks, and I found a couple pieces of glass and an old rusty spicket (or possibly a bit of piping with a valve on it- I’m not quite sure).

We moved onward, along the shore, until we got to one point where we saw so much in the water that I just had to take my shoes and socks off, roll up the legs of my jeans, and get in the water. (If you are a beach comber, maybe you know the feeling 🙂 )

So I found TONS of stuff- mostly glass. Pieces of old Ball canning jars (the pretty blue ones); bottle and jar bottoms; bottle necks;  seven (plus one my mom found later) pennies- very oxidized and corroded at that; and four Grand Prizes: an old inkwell (me), half of an antique Hemingray No. 9 blue glass insulator (me), a fancy little bottle, possibly spice (mom), and a “Jennings Condensed Pearl C.P.B. Bluing” bottle (me). Here they are, in that order:

My ink bottle!

The bottom of my ink bottle reads “Keller Detroit”. This was the name of the company, and the company’s home, which manufactured this bottle.

the outside of my insulator half. Though the number is broken off, I looked it up on an online database and I matched it to number nine.

The inside of my insulator half.

Here it is again, just because it is lovely!! 🙂

Mom’s spice(?) bottle. It has no markings, so we can only guess at what it is. It is old, though, because it is nicely frosted (I don’t know if you can tell).

Here is the “Bluing” bottle. It was a laundry product, and this bottle dates back to the 1920s. A bit of it is broken off at the top–the neck is, I mean. About an inch or so. Understandable, as it gets so narrow. But it is still rather complete, so hooray.

Here are some of my other finds today:

Here I show the bottle and jar bottoms of the day- I thought I would feature them, as there is such a lovely assortment of different colours ans sizes.

This is part of a crock. There are a ton of pieces of this stuff in the bay, and I usually don’t go for them- but this one was fun, with the “2”–or possibly cursive “Q”–on it.

So, I hope you enjoy!! I sure did!


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