First Week of School…Over!

7:18 pm.

The first week back in school here in TC is already over. It went by so quickly! My schedule consists of AP World History, Ceramics (pottery), Symphony Orchestra (for which I had been elected representative for orchestra council today!), Honours Chemistry, and Honours English 10.

This week it was pretty warm, which was pretty much annoying. If it can’t be summer, then I want the weather to be un-summery as well. 🙂 But today it rained a lot, and is still raining. I wore my new red puddle boots to school today.

I have a bit of homework (outline for history, scientific notations worksheet for chem, reading two chapters in PLAR for English), but so far I have just been around the Internet since I arrived home from school. I searched Sweeney Todd on Fan Fiction, and I found a super hilarious one! I can’t put it here, cos I don’t know the author, but I’ll tell you it is a chatroom parody of Sweeney Todd. You should look it up if you are a ST fan–I was laughing my face off.

Hm…I don’t know what else to write. Oh, but I had ham for dinner. I always called ham “Pink Chicken” when I was younger…*sigh* nostalgia.

Well, I suppose that’s all for today… ttyl 🙂


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