School Stuff Yay!

8:45 am.

Today’s the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean…*gasp* the tank is clean! The TANK is CLEAN!


Hooray, today is registration day! For school, that is. If you are unfamiliar, registration is when we get our pictures taken, receive our school id’s, get our classes schedule, as well as our locker number, and also pre-order our yearbooks.

And I’m so happy! For the past week or so, I’ve been longing for school and mental stimulation…Summer feels too long some times. Is that weird? Haha.

I woke up this morning at 6:24 am. I’m training for getting up at an alarm, you see.

Noodle, however, seems just as content to sleep the day away…Silly little cat.


Oh yes, and i do believe I promised some cat photos…Here’s another:

I’m cute. Yeah. So, you should pet me. Now. Cos I’m cute.


He’s so fluffy and adorabubble!! There are few things more pleasing to the eye than a napping kitty with his paw over his face…


“Why don’t you keep an eye on the neighbourhood for me, Ricky.”
(It’s okay if you don’t get this quote, it’s from The ‘Burbs, a movie which maybe five people inthe whole entire world have seen…Which is odd, seeing as it is a Tom Hanks movie…Anyway…sorry for the rant, it’s rather irrelevant to the kitty in the window.)

Right. This is not a cat, as i’m sure you’re aware. I took this at the store yesterday. I thought it was funny: Traditional Italian-style Wedding…In a can! lolz





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