Post-Wind Beach Finds

4:52 pm.

I haven’t written in forever, but don’t be mad 🙂 because I have some awesome pics for you guys.

For the past few days, we have been having rather strong north winds here in Traverse City. Yup, north winds, washing treasures from Lake Michigan into Grand Traverse Bay. So, my mom and I decided that we had to go to the beach and do some treasure hunting, because what better time to do so?

And let me tell you, we really did find great stuff. Here are some (okay, lots of) photographs of my haul:

Bottle necks/tops. note the scary-sharp one (glad I found that with my hand and not my foot); the well-frosted milk bottle top; and two that are very well-frosted (can you tell?), the center one and the bottom-left one.

pieces of pottery and porcelain (unintentional alliteration, apologies (haha)), with painted designs. I held up the yellowish one so you can see the scale pattern.

bits of smoothed terra cotta.

Metal pieces: a large spring (mattress?), square, circle, square-head nail, bottle lid/top/cap, two fragments of enamel, and another of those C-or-G’s that I found on the 14th (see 15 July entry).

Bottle Bottoms, including a lovely aqua one (possibly a mason jar rather than a bottle), and a square-bottle bottom. Seen here bottom-down.

Bottle bottoms, seen here bottom-up.

Shells, brought in by that wind–at other times, you are lucky to find even a partial, instead of an entire half.

Glass bits with words/letters on them. I hold some up in later pictures; the ones I don’t, are ones that say something about Traverse City Brewing Registered…along the lines of the one from my entry, “Amazing Discovery!”

This says “A. W. W.”…no idea what that would mean.

This reads, “BREWING”

This one reads, “PARILLA”… I searched it, but came up without any results. if anyone knows…Please comment!

These are all coloured bits of glass. Many are jagged, so they will go into colour jars (glass jars into which I place coloured pieces/shards of beach glass)…except the clear/white one to the right, and the center green one–both of these are very nicely frosted.

these are nice pieces of glass…because they are special. One has chicken wire embedded in it! I’ve seen this on Etsy, it’s apparently uncommon and desired. Again, here are the two well-frosted pieces of glass…the green one, I’ve decided is fro a 7-Up soda bottle from the fifties or sixties, judging by colour and how frosted it is. I’ll show close-ups of the other two pieces:

This piece is a bottle bottom; one which I was rather excited to find. Here’s why: I know it to say “SHOENHOFEN CHICAGO”, even though the rest of SCHOENHOFEN is broken off. I know this because I found another of these. I didn’t feature it here on my blog, but I had looked it up, and this was a brewery in Chicago a while ago–the brewery was under this name from 1875 to 1925, which is why i was excited to find it. It’s old! I wonder, though, whether this bottle was brought here, or if it actually traveled in Lake Michigan from Chicago to GT Bay? The latter seems much more exciting, anyway 🙂

This is the seal from the lid of a Mason jar! It reads: “WHITE CROWN CAP PAT. 11-22-10″… As in, 22 November 1910. (Which, coincidentally, is the same date as the release of MCR’s latest album…only that was a century later.) How amazing is it that I found one AMONG ROCKS AT THE BEACH that is perfectly whole??

This I was especially excited for…It is part of an insulator! It is the most beautiful aqua blue glass I’ve ever seen (the lighting here doesn’t do it justice). It reads “TENT 1893”, which would have said PATENT. And from the way the letters and umber look, i would say that the letters and numbers were hand-laid onto it. Wowzers!!

Here’s another view (of the outside)

Here’s another view (showing the inside)

And look at THIS! A whole jar! It reads “POND’S” on two opposite sides. It is lovely milk glass, and besides a non-fatal crack, it is in great condition for being over 90 years old… I had judged myself (while at the beach) that it was pre-WWII, because of how incredibly thick and heavy it was. I looked it up 9wasn’t that hard to find it, really), and I was correct. It is circa 1920s. Here is where I found it (only mine doesn’t have the lid):

Here it is again…

And this is just wonderful as well!!! It is a great little glass jar, roughly three inches tall. It has absolutely NO damage about it, which is awesome. It is, however, very well, very evenly frosted. Around the neck it reads “2 FLUID OUNCES”. Too bad there aren’t more details for research, but I love it just the same.

Here is part of the lining of a shoe. It appears to be leather. One can even see the tiny little tacks in it!

Now look at this again, because it is lovely.

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