Hey…About those Cats and Olympic Games

9:07 am.

Hey… sorry i haven’t written in, like, forever… I feel boring.

The cats are fine. Noodle is being goofy and needy as always (i gave him treats when i came downstairs after waking up this morning, and about 43 seconds later he was at the cupboard begging for them again), and Snowbelle is acting cool as usual (she did Statue Cat on the stairs and looked at me when i came down, as if to say, ‘Yeah. You love me. I’m beautiful. Noodle, he’s just…pathetic. Pay attention to me… I’m cool.’).

That was about the longest sentence in the history of…something. Sorry, just woke up, can’t think completely straight.

I’m wondering when Gabby Douglas, that awesome and energetic tiny little gymnast of ours (the US) is going to show up on a cereal box.

And Michael Phelps left the Olympics in style, with a final gold in the relay last night (well, it was last night for us…time may vary.)


See ya.

Post-Script: My birthday is tomorrow; wowzers.


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