Fungal Growth and Copy Cats

11:52 am.

Mushroom. Yup, a mushroom. Apparently, they can grow at an alarmingly quick rate if they want to. See this:

Just a simple little mushroom, small and cute. Note the little plant to the right– you’ll need it soon for size comparison.

Here’s another angle of it. No, actually, we’ll call it Mr. Shroom. Here’s another angle of Mr. Shroom.

Okay, so both of the above images were taken yesterday evening, 7:50 pm. Well, this morning when I woke up and looked outside, there was Mr. Shroom… Check him out:

LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s huge-mongous! Mr. Shroom is actually so large, he is casting a shadow over the little plant to the right!

He grew so much–I didn’t know he had it in him!


“Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!” (Sokka on cactus juice)

In case you didn’t get the reference made in the last photo– it’s from Avatar: the Last Airbender. See the clip here:

But, please note: this clip is a collage,of sorts, of Avatar clips. Not all of them were in the same episode. Also, by 50 seconds in, it’s just random clips…

Okay. So, time for the second half of the post (“and Copy Cats”). So, I got an email saying some blogger liked my post “Tale of a Noodle”. I was like, ‘Cool, someone actually read my blog.’ So, I went t her blog to check it out. I was poking around on it when I saw a photo of one of her cats, Angel. Here:

I thought this was so crazy, cos this cat of hers, Angel, looks JUST LIKE my cat, Snowbelle. The shape of the face is a little different, but besides that, they could be siblings!

Here is her blog:

This picture was in her 18 July 2012 post. (ItsAPussCatsLife, I hope you don’t mind me using your photo!)

And now, here is a photo of my cat, Snowbelle, so you can see the resemblance:

What do you think? Are they a match? 🙂

Oh yeah, and…. He’s Back:

Seriously, Noodle, what’s so great about the legs of an office chair??


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