Tale of a Noodle

3:23 pm.

One of my two cats, Noodle, is rather… odd. He does goofy things, and is cute all the while. Here is a small chronicle of his adventures in everyday life.

“What is it, Mommy? I’m scared.”
My mom was soaking her feet in this little tub in the living room the other day (17 July). Noodle came into the room, and when he saw my mom’s feet in this tub he looked so startled and scared! He stayed far away from the tub for a while, and when my mom took her feet out of the tub and got up, Noodle approached the tub, slowly, cautiously, with his ears back. Here is he, peering into the tub, once he built up enough courage.

Not sure if happy, sleepy cat… or victim of terrible office chair accident.
Noodle sleeps in the strangest places, in even stranger positions. Here he is, snuggled up to the legs of the spinny office chair at the computer desk, taking his nap in the afternoon sunlight.

This photo was taken a few minutes after I had just wiped down this section of kitchen counter space. There was nothing on it because I had just wiped it down and dried it. Naturally, being a cat, Noodle had to jump up onto the empty counter when he thought no one was watching. There he is, lounging shamelessly. Oh, Noodle.

“What’s a fish?”
Here is Noodle and my little sister’s goldfish. Noodle is sitting on the kitchen counter. (Yeah, he does that.) he is staring into the fishbowl, with a rather cute curious expression on his face. What could he be thinking?

Hope you enjoyed peering into my cat’s life, and have a great day!


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