Sorry for Absence

9:37 pm.


Sorry for not posting in… five days. I was ill. Seriously. I had headaches, congested nose, breathing issues (a given for an asthmatic kid such as myself), all-over fatigue and ache, and hurting throat. I actually lost my voice for a while. Yesterday, I literally was not able to talk, so I had to whisper. It was rather annoying. Anyway, I am feeling much better now (though my throat is still rather sore), and I decided to do a blog post, as I was feeling up to it. Wow, that was a rather long sentence. Anyway.

I did, however, manage to take a few nice photos.

ImageThis was taken at the Public Access Boat Launch on East (?) Bay on Old Mission Penninsula. Taken the 15th (the day before I got sick).

ImageTaken from my back deck on the 17th. My mom said it was a nice sunset which I wouldn’t want to miss, and it was. Actually, I had just been on the couch in my living room for over five hours straight, because I was just too achy to move or do anything.

ImageHere is Snowbelle, chilling on my bed right as I went up to sleep. Taken yesterday. She is just so cute.

Yeah…so, that’s pretty much it. I could give you a run-through of the entire leave I took from my blog, but that sounds dull even to me 🙂 So, I will post tomorrow. Enjoy yourself, and don’t get sick in the middle of summer!


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