More Beach Treasures

10:43 am.

Right. So, my family and I went to West End Beach  yesterday evening for the end-of-Cherry-Festival fireworks show. So, naturally, I spent half my time there in the water and on the shore, looking for stuff. Here are my favourite items:

So, four bottle bottoms, one bottle neck, two porcelain electrical insulators (round things left middle), a few pebbles, some bits of porcelain dishes, a bit of metal that could be a C or G, a metal buckle, some bits of coloured glass, four pieces of old canning jar glass lid-liners, and coloured/designed bits of pottery (center). See that large-ish dark rock towards the bottom of the photo, looks kind of crunchy? Yeah. It seems to be an ore of some type; there was plenty of it, so I only took home a few pieces; I tested it with a magnet, and the magnet stuck. Interesting, huh? I thought so anyway.

Here are the small finds of yesterday evening:

Found were five small petoskey stones, two bits of brown, very-well-smoothed-down glass, a button, 41 cents in change (all found in the water), a small white button, and a ring (also found in the water). I don’t know how valuable the ring is; it has no engravings, no markings as to any material it might be or other, so I am thinking it might just be a bit of costume jewellery. But still, finding a ring at the beach? Cool.

Yep, that’s my haul for yesterday. Oh- and the fireworks were nice. There weren’t many people at the beach, which is  bit surprising, although the weather turned a little chilly, so I guess that may have been a factor. The people which were there were good people- not the kind of people who run around with flaming objects and drop them on your beach blanket (a personal experience from Independence Day– the little punk singed our blanket).

I may write later today, but I don’t promise anything 🙂 Goodbye


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