Amazing Discovery!

10:58 am.

Good morning!

Cherry Festival week is nearly over (it finishes tomorrow). Yesterday we went to the Cherry Junior Royale Parade. It was pretty much the same as every year, and it was dreadfully warm downtown. I was quite content to leave early as we did.

Ugh… I have a Summer Reading Assignment. I’m not really looking forward to it. Not that I think it will be hard; it is just that the books we read in class are generally either rather depressing (The Glass Castle) or boring (The Natural). What I don’t understand is why only the Honours English students do a summer reading assignment. Shouldn’t the reg-ed kids have to do one as well, as (to make a general statement) they would be less motivated to read over the summer?


I made an Amazing Discovery yesterday. On Independence Day, my family went to the beach in the evening to watch the fireworks. Well, I went underwater-swimming to find cool stuff (such as another spoon- but that’s a different story). So I came up with a lot of stuff. But not until about a week later did I put this together (haha). See image below:

These are two separate pieces of glass bottles. Found on the same day, but at neither the same time nor the same place. And they go together! What’s the likeliness of that?? I thought this was really cool 🙂

It reads:

“A. L. […]






See the line separating the two pieces? It goes at an angle, between the S and E of Traverse City, through the R of Rapids, between I and C in Mich, and is right next to the S in Registered (to the right of the S). Isn’t that awesome??

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