Beach Treasures!

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Sorry for having not written in a while. But I will make up for it with a rather long post (many photos included!).

So, on the 1st and 2nd of this month, my mom, sisters and I went to West End Beach (Chloe was supposed to go with me on the first, but then she got a random 103 fever). Anyway, I found a TON of great stuff. Here are my favourites.

First, from 1 July 2012:

Beach Treasures, 1 July 2012

Here are my favourites among the items I found at WEB on the 1st. Some glass, some metal, some porcelain.

Here are some notable items:


This is a piece of glass. It reads, on the top line, “JE”. I am not sure what exactly the rest of the word would have been, but it would most likely be the name of the company. On the bottom line of text, it reads “FLAVORI”; this would be the word “FLAVORING”. See the example of flavouring extract bottle in next image.

Flavouring bottle example.

Here is a bottle of mine that says “DR PRICE’S DELICIOUS FLAVORING EXTRACTS”. (Note: not found at the beach)


This is a spoon. Part of the scoop part is missing. It is rather rusty, so it was made of iron. It is also rather covered in “barnacles”. Oh, and for the record, I didn’t personally find this spoon– my little sister’s friend Gabby, who had come along with us, found it and gave it to me.

Spoon Comparisons

Here is the average metal dining spoon (on the right), as compared to the beach-found spoon (on the left). (Note: right spoon not found at beach. Found in kitchen drawer.)

Bottle Bottom

Thi is the bottom of a bottle. It reads, “THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD”. I am assuming it was a beverage bottle.

Broken Bottle Bit

The broken bottle neck in between the other two bottle is another thing I found. It is light blue, and is nicely frosted from being tossed in the sand for a while. I put it between these two bottles to display how they are similar in shape. Following this image are some more of the broken bit compared to these bottles. (Note: nothing besides feature object was found at beach)

Another angle of comparison

Another angle of comparison

And now for the items from the 2nd of July:

Beach Finds 2 July 2012

These are the things I found at WEB on the 2nd of this month. I found more stuff this day, so naturally, I have more favourites.

Here are some notable items:

Metal thingy

I have no idea what this might be, but it is interesting. Note the star-shaped thingies fixed along the bottom; they are evenly paced. It is rather rusty.

Jar fragment

this is a fragment of an old jar. It is blue, which indicates the age (The blue ones are older than the colourless ones). It says “SON” on it, which we can safely assume to know it said “MASON”. It is a Ball jar because if one looks closely at the top tip of it, one can see a line. This is part of the underline of the brand name “Ball” in cursive letters. See next image for example.

Ball jar

Note the underline of the name “Ball”. (Note: this jar not found at beach)

Milk jug top bit

This is the top of an old glass milk jug. I know this because of the characteristic shape. See next two images for comparisons to other milk jugs:

Old glass milk jug comparison. Note the similar thick lip and wide mouth. (Note: nothing but featured item was found at beach)

Another angle of milk mouth comparison.

Jar lid lining

This is a portion of a jar lid lining. it reads “ED BOYDS GE”. “BOYDS” is the only full word. see net image for explanation.

Lid Lining Comparison

Old canning jars’ lids had glass linings. These are two of such lids.Note the two fragments of jar lid linings, and how they fit perfectly in the lid. (Note: only the two fragments were found at the beach)


This is, I think, my favourite among favourites among favourites of things I found. It is a small bottle, about 3-3/8 inches tall. It reads “FOOTE AND JENKS PERFUMERS”. I couldn’t find it online, though, as I had hardly anything to go on. (Note: quarter for comparison not found at beach)

Here, I anged it so you could read well the “FOOTE AND JENKS” part.

Here, I angled it so you could read well the “PERFUMERS” part.

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