Quick Update

11:32 pm.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been busy watching the Olympic games and playing monopoly with my family. Speaking of Olympics- I love them! The opening ceremony was sooo great. I loved it. In my opinion, it was far better than Beijing ’08. I was up past 2:30 am on Saturday morning (Friday ‘night’) watching the opening ceremony, cos we have DVR so we rewound it and paused so much, we were hours behind 🙂

We just saw France beat the US (my home team) in the men’s swimming relays. Too bad–but the US beat France in ’08, so I suppose it is fair. For any Francophone readers, congrats!

We are going to watch Gymnastics next. Good night!


Kitty Playtime

3:36 pm.

Snowbelle can act like such a kitten sometimes! Earlier today I was playing with her with a ribbon on my mom’s bed:

This last photo is the remains of the ribbon used… There were no holes before 🙂 she ha strong claws.

Oh yeah- and, as for Noodle:

Um, Noodle, you’re in the bathtub…

Late-Night Cat Shenanigans

1:02 pm.

Okay. I felt bad about giving you guys that crappy post for today… So, here’s something better (I hope).

Snowbelle, one of my two cats, likes hiding out in the unfinished part of our basement. But this hiding place from 11:06 last night is a bit pathetic:

Really, Snowbelle? I had thought you were better than this. If you’re hiding from Noodle, he’ll easily find you… and that’s saying something.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


12:40 pm.

If you know me, you know that I love school, especially getting school supplies. By about this time in summer, I get somewhat bored of no school and begin to think of it, wanting mental stimulation. I heart school. I will be entering the tenth grade.

We went to Target three days ago. I saw a lovely backpack there, and knew I wanted it to be my school backpack. It is beautiful:




But my mom said to wait on getting it, in case I saw something else I liked more (it has been known to happen 🙂 ). Two days later, after browsing the Internet, I knew it was still the one I wanted. So, we went back to the store. There had been two of them left in the store, but when we went back, they were both gone! Oh no! So, we ordered one online and I just received an email saying it is shipping and on its way. Yay!

I love going back to school.

This is probably the most boring post I’ve ever done. Sorry about that 🙂

Evolution of Mini

5:57 pm.


I heart them. They are so cute and they look like my cat Noodle. Plus also, they have their own website. Well, it’s the car’s website. But there are lots of fun features on the website, including Build-Your-Own MC–you customize everything! Also, there is this really cool feature:


It’s basically the Evolution of the Mini Cooper. It’s cool. You should see it!

Fungal Growth and Copy Cats

11:52 am.

Mushroom. Yup, a mushroom. Apparently, they can grow at an alarmingly quick rate if they want to. See this:

Just a simple little mushroom, small and cute. Note the little plant to the right– you’ll need it soon for size comparison.

Here’s another angle of it. No, actually, we’ll call it Mr. Shroom. Here’s another angle of Mr. Shroom.

Okay, so both of the above images were taken yesterday evening, 7:50 pm. Well, this morning when I woke up and looked outside, there was Mr. Shroom… Check him out:

LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s huge-mongous! Mr. Shroom is actually so large, he is casting a shadow over the little plant to the right!

He grew so much–I didn’t know he had it in him!


“Friendly mushroom! Mushy giant friend!” (Sokka on cactus juice)

In case you didn’t get the reference made in the last photo– it’s from Avatar: the Last Airbender. See the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD6zkFjRLYQ&feature=related

But, please note: this clip is a collage,of sorts, of Avatar clips. Not all of them were in the same episode. Also, by 50 seconds in, it’s just random clips…

Okay. So, time for the second half of the post (“and Copy Cats”). So, I got an email saying some blogger liked my post “Tale of a Noodle”. I was like, ‘Cool, someone actually read my blog.’ So, I went t her blog to check it out. I was poking around on it when I saw a photo of one of her cats, Angel. Here:

I thought this was so crazy, cos this cat of hers, Angel, looks JUST LIKE my cat, Snowbelle. The shape of the face is a little different, but besides that, they could be siblings!

Here is her blog: http://itsapussycatslife.wordpress.com/

This picture was in her 18 July 2012 post. (ItsAPussCatsLife, I hope you don’t mind me using your photo!)

And now, here is a photo of my cat, Snowbelle, so you can see the resemblance:

What do you think? Are they a match? 🙂

Oh yeah, and…. He’s Back:

Seriously, Noodle, what’s so great about the legs of an office chair??

Tale of a Noodle

3:23 pm.

One of my two cats, Noodle, is rather… odd. He does goofy things, and is cute all the while. Here is a small chronicle of his adventures in everyday life.

“What is it, Mommy? I’m scared.”
My mom was soaking her feet in this little tub in the living room the other day (17 July). Noodle came into the room, and when he saw my mom’s feet in this tub he looked so startled and scared! He stayed far away from the tub for a while, and when my mom took her feet out of the tub and got up, Noodle approached the tub, slowly, cautiously, with his ears back. Here is he, peering into the tub, once he built up enough courage.

Not sure if happy, sleepy cat… or victim of terrible office chair accident.
Noodle sleeps in the strangest places, in even stranger positions. Here he is, snuggled up to the legs of the spinny office chair at the computer desk, taking his nap in the afternoon sunlight.

This photo was taken a few minutes after I had just wiped down this section of kitchen counter space. There was nothing on it because I had just wiped it down and dried it. Naturally, being a cat, Noodle had to jump up onto the empty counter when he thought no one was watching. There he is, lounging shamelessly. Oh, Noodle.

“What’s a fish?”
Here is Noodle and my little sister’s goldfish. Noodle is sitting on the kitchen counter. (Yeah, he does that.) he is staring into the fishbowl, with a rather cute curious expression on his face. What could he be thinking?

Hope you enjoyed peering into my cat’s life, and have a great day!

Sorry for Absence

9:37 pm.


Sorry for not posting in… five days. I was ill. Seriously. I had headaches, congested nose, breathing issues (a given for an asthmatic kid such as myself), all-over fatigue and ache, and hurting throat. I actually lost my voice for a while. Yesterday, I literally was not able to talk, so I had to whisper. It was rather annoying. Anyway, I am feeling much better now (though my throat is still rather sore), and I decided to do a blog post, as I was feeling up to it. Wow, that was a rather long sentence. Anyway.

I did, however, manage to take a few nice photos.

ImageThis was taken at the Public Access Boat Launch on East (?) Bay on Old Mission Penninsula. Taken the 15th (the day before I got sick).

ImageTaken from my back deck on the 17th. My mom said it was a nice sunset which I wouldn’t want to miss, and it was. Actually, I had just been on the couch in my living room for over five hours straight, because I was just too achy to move or do anything.

ImageHere is Snowbelle, chilling on my bed right as I went up to sleep. Taken yesterday. She is just so cute.

Yeah…so, that’s pretty much it. I could give you a run-through of the entire leave I took from my blog, but that sounds dull even to me 🙂 So, I will post tomorrow. Enjoy yourself, and don’t get sick in the middle of summer!