Almost a Late-Night Post

10:31 pm


I am here!


Remember when I said I went to a couple garage sales, looking for treasures? Well, I got some old books (yay) and a random Back to the Future pin/button. So yeah! Here it is:

“You made a time machine out of a DeLorean?”

I have been playing with legos recently. I made a Flying Vehicle. All by myself. No instructions. Not based on anything. All me. Hooray! Here is a picture:

My lego creation!!! It is a flying ship thingy. Hooray!

Yup. So, there it is. Up there.

Plus also, I hit my should on the door frame of my bedroom door just now. It hurt. Now you are asking yourself,  ‘how did she hit her shoulder on the door frame while blogging?’ Ah, my friends, the answer is: I am a talented bean.

Oh! Oh! My (super-awesome) friend Livi started a website about a… unicorn… kid… person… thingy. Yeah! It is super funny. Seriously, I laughed a bunch at nearly every sentence. So yeah! You should go there. Here is the URL:


Aww… I am sad cos my best friend Chloe is busy until approximately ten minutes short of eternity.  Sad stuff. I am almost thinking my one-year-my-senior sister Holly has a more active social life than me. Hmm…

Anyway. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodby-ye! (“He’s gonna get eaten by a shark”) (Anybody get the reference?)


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