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10:48 am

The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) as Constitutional! Now millions of young adults can have health insurance through staying on their parents’ plan, and people won’t be denied insurance because of having a ‘pre-existing condition’. Want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act? You can do so here:

It’s actually rather important for you to understand the law, because chances are, you’re benefiting from it in one way or another.  🙂

Almost a Late-Night Post

10:31 pm


I am here!


Remember when I said I went to a couple garage sales, looking for treasures? Well, I got some old books (yay) and a random Back to the Future pin/button. So yeah! Here it is:

“You made a time machine out of a DeLorean?”

I have been playing with legos recently. I made a Flying Vehicle. All by myself. No instructions. Not based on anything. All me. Hooray! Here is a picture:

My lego creation!!! It is a flying ship thingy. Hooray!

Yup. So, there it is. Up there.

Plus also, I hit my should on the door frame of my bedroom door just now. It hurt. Now you are asking yourself,  ‘how did she hit her shoulder on the door frame while blogging?’ Ah, my friends, the answer is: I am a talented bean.

Oh! Oh! My (super-awesome) friend Livi started a website about a… unicorn… kid… person… thingy. Yeah! It is super funny. Seriously, I laughed a bunch at nearly every sentence. So yeah! You should go there. Here is the URL:


Aww… I am sad cos my best friend Chloe is busy until approximately ten minutes short of eternity.  Sad stuff. I am almost thinking my one-year-my-senior sister Holly has a more active social life than me. Hmm…

Anyway. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodby-ye! (“He’s gonna get eaten by a shark”) (Anybody get the reference?)


7:50 am

I am awake. Obviously. It is so nice to wake up early, get the first shower, and do a blog entry before the rest of my family is awake. Anyway.

By the way, I decided to put the time at the beginning of every entry, because I thought it would do that automatically, but evidently it doesn’t.

We are going garage saling today. I love garage sales, because one never knows what treasure(s) one might find.

Well… I am going to go brush my teeth now. I may write later.

Beach Trip

So I went to the beach again yesterday. Two beaches, actually: West End and Clinch Park Beach. Collected more stuff. The water was still pretty cold, but one gets used to the temperature f it after being in it for a few moments. Here are some photos I took while out yesterday:

Me, sitting on the rocks near the east side of West End Beach. Note the sign.

The east side of West End Beach

wave lapping the shore of West End Beach

the sunset (9:26 pm) at west side of West End Beach

We ate dinner at Sleder’s. And oh yeah! In the parking lot behind the restaurant, I saw this license plate:

It’s Alabama!

my family has been keeping a list of all the states in the car, and as we see cars with an out-of-state license plate, we check it off the list. We hadn’t seen Alabama before. Now we only have six states left!

Rather Late

Wowzers, it is rather late. i just had to add “wowzers” to dictionary. Anyway…

I am up late watching a show called Ghost Adventures. It is about the Eatern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. It was in operation from 1829 to 1971. the treatment of the prisoners was rather brutal. Here is the website:

Also, it is storming outside. There was a lot of lightning earlier, but now it has calmed down.

We went to West End Beach today. We being me, my sisters Abby and Holly, and my mom. A family outing. We walked up and down the shore, looking for cool stuff like beach glass and beach porcelain. We did that a lot last summer, and I hope to do it again this summer. It is a fun time.

this coming week, though, we are planning to hang out at the old State Hospital. I love that place. It is my favourite haunt.


Oh my, My First Post!

Wowzers, my first blog entry. I have been considering starting a blog, and  now that school is freshly out for the summer, why not? I do believe that the entry ought to be longer than this, but I do not know what to write right now… I will possibly add more to this entry later (is that possible? I don’t know).

Sandbox Fun

look at what we made! It is a little landscape.

Okay, I am back (btw one is able to edit/add to an existing post). I was just outside playing with the hose and my sisters. It is rather hot out. We made a creation in the sandbox with the hose and moving sand around. See, that is it (up there).